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About Me


Hey there, I'm Caitlin!

I live in Arkansas with my partner, Jacob, and our spoiled-rotten corgi, Kota.

I've been a photographer for 12 years. Before I got into elopements and weddings, I was shooting live music for many of my friends in local bands. It made my transition to weddings in 2015 a piece of cake because I was already used to fast-paced scenarios and only getting one chance to get the shot. While I miss my nights at every show I could catch, I love being outdoors appreciating nature and enjoying the beauty of love more.

I loved being outside as a kid. Whether it was climbing trees, playing in the dirt, lake days, or waking up in the middle of the night to catch the sunrise on a mountain. I've always had a great appreciation of nature. That's one big reason why I love elopements as much as I do. What's more badass than getting married with some epic views?

Things I Love:

-Hiking to cool overlooks and waterfalls

- Sunrise (I dream of being a morning person, but I'm 100% a night owl)

-Collecting vintage cameras

- Coffee

- Rock Climbing

-Corgi butts

- Game nights with friends

- Buying a new plant EVERY time I go into town lol

- Baking

- Stargazing

- Cottage homes with boho vibes. The ultimate goal is to live in a cottage in the woods and be BFFs with a fairy, not gonna lie


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