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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Elopement and wedding rates can be found

Do you travel?

I sure do! I'm based in Arkansas, but can and absolutely will travel to you, or wherever you want to go. I take the time to travel to other areas so I can best guide my clients, ask about some of my favorite places I've been to!

How do we book you?

First, I will set you up for a phone call so that we can go over all of the details and the best package that works for you. Once the package is confirmed, I'll send an email over to you with a link that will direct you to signing the contract and paying 50% of your total balance, this 50% will serve as the retainer fee to hold your date.

How many photos will we get, and when do we get our photos back?

For a portrait session: the amount of photos you get will depend on the package you booked. Delivery of photos is up to 5 weeks after the day of your session.

For elopements and weddings: I generally will deliver 50 photos per hour; there is no max limit to what you will receive, it totally depends on how many hours you booked, and what all activities are going on for your big day. Delivery of photos is up to 10 weeks after wedding day.

How do you deliver our photos?

Your photos will be delivered via an online gallery link. Each photo is carefully edited into a JPEG file to match my style that you see throughout my portfolio.

Do you photoshop your clients?

I will remove temporary blemishes, such as acne, cuts, or bruises, but I do not alter the appearance of my clients. I am a strong believer in learning to love our bodies as they are.

Do you work with LGBT+ clients, or interracial clients?

Yes! Love is love; all couples are welcome here, and I try to make all of them feel loved and accepted throughout their experience with me.

What should we expect when we book with you?

I do my best to help with the process from beginning to end by sending tips and guides for sessions/weddings, sending referrals for wedding vendors and HMUAs for sessions, checking in to see how planning is coming along, anything I can to help. I enjoy it when clients and I keep in touch even after services have been completed! I want my clients to see a friend in me and know that they can come to me when they need help, whether that be to help with wardrobe selection for their session, help them find a vendor they still need for wedding day, or to go out for lunch/drinks just to chat.

How should we dress for our session?

For starters, dress how you feel most comfortable; if you don't normally wear high heels then you may want to skip them for your photos so that you can still walk and not be lookin' like a newborn deer haha. Be sure to research the average temperature around the time of your session so that you can wear something either warm or cool enough. I will help guide you on wardrobe as well so that we can find something that will work best for the location of choice. My biggest tip for couples; if one of you is to wear a pattern, the other should wear a solid so that your patterns don't clash, or you should both wear solids!

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